The British Standard National Hive.

Our bees are house in British Standard National hives. The components which make up the hive are set out below.


Open mesh floor The open mesh (varroa) floor. Some hives operate with a solid floor.
The British National brood box The British National deep broad box with 12 pre wired foundation frames . This is the part of the hive that the queen and her brood reside.
The queen excluder The Queen excluder prevents the queen from entering the supers above the brood box. This is to stop the queen laying in the honey areas. Queen excluders can be either plastic or metal in construction.
The British national super The super. The super contains smaller frames which the bees use to fill with honey. Additional supers are added as necessary and can go quite high.
The crown board The crown board is used to top the hive and has vents to allow air circulation throughout the hive. It also double as a clearer board for moving the bees out of the supers when the honey is due to be harvested. Porter bee escapes are inserted into the holes. Another clearer board we use is the Rombus escape board.
Image coming soon The Porter bee escapes which fit into the crown board.
Rombus from above Rombus from below The Rombus escape board.
The roof The roof has 2 built in air gaps to allow air to circulate through the hive.
Hive with no entrance reducer The Complete British Standard National Hive with no entrance reducer.
The British National Standard Hive The Complete British Standard National Hive with entrance reducer in place.